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Ready to elevate your surfing experience? Join us at a series of workshops on Friday July 26th brought to you by Kirra Surfstock. Together, we can make Queensland's surfing community stronger, safer, and more skilled than ever before.

With the Kirra Longboard Klassic at our heart, we are setting the stage for a revolution in Skill Enhancement, Regulatory Knowledge, Surf Awareness, designed to elevate your surfing experience, making Queensland a beacon for surfers worldwide.


Skill Enhancement

Our program kicks off with intensive workshops aimed at refining your surfing skills. Whether you're mastering advanced maneuvers or understanding the nuances of your equipment, our expert-led sessions are tailored to elevate your prowess on the waves.

Advanced Techniques: Dive into the world of high-performance surfing with our specialized workshops. Learn the art of walking the board, noseriding, and executing precise turns that will set you apart in the water.

Equipment Mastery: Get to grips with the best gear for your style, understanding how to choose and maintain your surfboard for optimal performance.


Surf Awareness

Surfing is not just about the thrill; it's about doing it safely. Our program emphasizes critical safety aspects to ensure every surfer returns to shore safe and sound.

Surf Safety Workshops: Learn the essentials of surfing safety, from swimming back to shore in heavy surf to the right breathing techniques that can make a difference in critical moments.

Fitness & Psychology: A surfer's fitness and mental preparedness play a crucial role in handling the unpredictability of the ocean. Our sessions on fitness, psychology, and coping strategies will prepare you for any challenge.


Regulatory Knowledge

Understanding the rules of the game is essential, whether you're a casual surfer or aiming for the competitive edge. Our comprehensive guide to Competition Surfing Rules will prepare you for any event, including the Kirra Longboard Klassic.

Competition Preparedness: From understanding the heat structure to mastering the strategies that judges look for, our program covers it. Learn about the do's and don'ts, including how to avoid penalties for drop-ins and snaking.


Join the Movement

Be part of a community that not only rides the waves but respects and understands them. Whether you want to enhance your skills, learn about safety, or dive into the competitive aspects of surfing, this initiative is your platform for growth.


The Kirra Longboard Klassic

This iconic event is not just a competition; it's a celebration of surfing culture and a pivotal platform for our initiative. Participate, learn, and grow with us as we make waves in Queensland's surfing scene.


Workshop Details

Date & Time: Friday, July 26th | Workshops Begin at 1PM

Location: The iconic, Kirra.


Registration: Easy online registration process. Spots are limited, and demand is high. Secure your spot now to ensure you don't miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to elevate your surfing experience. Follow the prompt to Live Heats to complete the registration process.

Expertise: Learn from the best. Our instructors are not just skilled surfers; they're passionate about teaching and sharing their love for the sport.

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