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Photographer Guidelines

Etiquette: Please be respectful. This encompasses crowds wanting to see the action, celebrities not wanting to be inundated or harassed and towards your fellow photographers. You are very welcome to take photos, but please be polite, ask permission and give thanks. We welcome large family crowds and would ask that you are respectful of the privacy of the general public, especially where minors are concerned. If you do take photos of children, it is essential that you ask parental permission and disclose the intended usage of the image. Essentially, this is common sense and etiquette, but please observe this respectfulness.
Water Photography: While we do allow water photography, due to excessive popularity in recent years, we have been required to limit this to three photographers in the water at any one time. We do have media sponsors, who will have priority at all times, but we would like to encourage all photographers to share time. We would ask that you consider your fellow photographers, shooting for one heat at a time where possible and sharing the lineup.  

Please Keep Well Clear Of All Surfers At All Times. Finals day is particularly popular and we would strongly recommend you look to the earlier heats to get the majority of your water photography accomplished. If you wish to shoot water, please register prior to the heat with the beach marshals, who will be responsible for managing water photographers. Any unregistered photographers will be asked to leave the water.

Land Photography: You are welcome to shoot from anywhere you like from land and vantage points. A small amount of areas are off limits, such as the judging and commentary tower, so please ask an event team member if you are unsure. We would ask you to again to be polite, courteous and respectful at all times.

Drone Photography: Due to liability, licensing and various other concerns, drone photography will not be permitted unless authorised in writing from Island Style Promotions.

Image Sales: We do not permit photography of individual competitors for commercial purposes, with the exception of work commissioned prior to the festival for sponsors and/or publications. Freelance photographers may submit images to magazines, websites and sponsors after the event, but may not directly approach competitors for the purpose of sales or financial gain. If you are unsure of image usage, please feel free to contact Island Style Promotions. We thank you for respecting this arrangement.

Island Style Promotions Needs: While we have staff photographers providing much of our media photography, we would be stoked to share your images across our social media channels. Unfortunately, we cannot offer you payment for these images, but we would be happy to promote your business with links and hashtags across our Instagram and Facebook network. If you have images you would like to share, please email them to: including your name, credits and any links or hashtags you would like included. We cannot guarantee that your images will be shared, but we would endeavour to do the best we can, either during or post-event. Occasionally, we may accidentally post an image omitting accreditation and apologise in advance should this occur. Please politely comment and we will rectify immediately.

Social Media: If you are posting images to your social media accounts, we would ask that you tag with the following: This will enable us to track your images, share them (with full accreditation) and expand the reach of your images on social media.

Many thanks for your consideration and time. We look forward to welcoming you to the Kirra Longboard Klassic and seeing all your wonderful images.

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