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2024 Event Information and Entry

Kirra Surfstock organises the Kirra Longboard Klassic, designed to bring together like-minded surfers. While all finalists in their respective divisions win trophies, the most sought after trophy is the one for the “Surfer Having the Most Fun.”

This event includes those surfers that need extra help to get into the surf and catch a few waves. We include a disabled surfers section for a limited number of surfers who require assistance to enjoy the pleasures of surfing. Surfers helping surfers.


To keep within the original concept of catering for local surfers, we inclide a division solely for local surfers domiciled between Coomera in the North to Pottsville in the South. We also acknowledge those past and present who have served in the defence forces protecting the freedoms we enjoy like surfing, by staging a division open to those men and women who have served their country.

The fancy dress division attracts a wide range of characters from Donald Trump to Woody and even Elvis has made an appearance over the years.

While we can’t guarantee perfect Kirra barrells, we can guarantee you a good time.

This event attracts those that identify with the longboard surfing lifestyle and together we celebrate our unique coastal lifestyle, with clean, safe and echo-friendly activities in and out of the surf.



Please be advised program and running times may be subject to change. An updated surfing draw and running order is  available at

6pm Friday

6am Saturday










7am Sunday









Meet & Greet Sign On St Helens Bar & Burgers Kirra

Set up contest arena

Fluro Saturday

Amateur heats begin

Environmental Activations with Cate

Pro heats begin

Free Surf Lessons with Surf Easy

Your Mates Beach Bar Opens

Surfing concludes for the day.

Surfstock Music Begins

Your Mates Beach Bar Closes

Amateur Semi finals continue

Amateur Finals begin

Adaptive Surfing Display

Pro Finals

Amateur Finals resume

Your Mates Beach Bar Opens

Fancy Dress

Surfing Concludes



Fluro Saturday

We are staging a OneWave Fluro Saturday initiative. ONEWAVE motivates people to get back in the ocean, when they are going through a funk

How to get involved in Fluro Saturday:

Come down Saturday morning 29th July at 6.30am. Dress in fluro and come down and surf/swim/ride inflatable swans/do yoga, get people talking about mental health and make sure anyone going through a funk knows they are not alone. Anyone can get involved and no donations are required. Gathering on the beach.


Environmental Activations with Cate

It is the responsibility of us all to protect the environment. Starting with a talk from Cate Ware about increasing public     awareness of protecting our beaches Followed by a demonstration of waste management, and a fun competition about ensuring our waste goes into the correct bins. Gathering under the Big Blue Tent at 9am


Surf Lessons with Surf Easy

Pat and the crew from Surf Easy will provide free surf lessons to those that are interested. You will need to register at the Big Blue Tent from 11.30 Lessons start at 12 noon. You can bring your own board or one will be supplied.


Your Mates Beach Bar Opens

From 3.30 you can watch the action in the water while relaxing with an ice cold Macca Lager or for the ladies a Tilley Ginger Beer with Your Mates Brewing.

Surfstock Music Begins

Listen to the Blues with Donny from 5.30pm in the Your Mates Beach Bar, followed by twice World Longboard Champion Beau Young, then the Alby Damn Band finishing with Tokyo Beef. Sometime during the evening there is a Beau Young shaped 9’1” Kia Ora model longboard to be given away to some lucky attendee. You have to be there to win.

Adaptive Surfing Display

9.30 Sunday and we will show case the spirit of surfing when we have surfers helping other surfers that need an extra helping hand to get across the sand and into the water. The inspiration of these fellow surfers is something to be a part of and we encourage everyone to meet at the main entrance to the beach to become involved.

Fancy Dress

Each year we finish with the Fancy Dress for competitors. Over the years we have had Donald Trump, Capt. Jack Sparrow, Purple Eggplants, even Elvis has been back in the building. There’s a $200 cash purse for the best costume, but you do have to catch a wave to be a contender.


Back to the Your Mates Beach Bar at 4pm to see who wins what, there’s a couple of board giveaways and to find out who will hold the coveted Macca Trophy for the Surfer Having The Most Fun


Here's a fascinating insight into how the judges score the epic rides at the Kirra Longboard Klassic!

The judges carefully analyze the following major criteria elements when assessing a ride: "The Longboard surfer must perform controlled manoeuvres in the critical section of the wave, utilizing the entire board and wave using traditional longboard surfing. The surfer who performs this with the highest degree of difficulty, style, flow, and grace will receive the highest score for a ride."

Additionally, the judges consider the following key elements:

Nose Riding and Rail Surfing: The ability to skillfully execute nose rides and engage in smooth rail-to-rail transitions is a crucial aspect the judges take into account.

Critical Section of the Wave: Performing maneuvers in the most critical part of the wave demonstrates a surfer's control and adaptability, leading to higher scores.

Variety: Showcasing a diverse repertoire of maneuvers and styles throughout the ride adds depth and excitement to the scoring.

Speed and Power: Demonstrating speed and power while maintaining control and finesse highlights a surfer's mastery over the wave, earning them valuable points.

It's important to note that the emphasis placed on each criterion may vary depending on the conditions of the day. The judges adapt their assessments to ensure fairness and a true reflection of the surfers' performances.

So, the next time you witness an amazing ride at the Kirra Longboard Klassic, remember the intricate factors that go into determining those well-deserved scores! Stay tuned for more exciting action as the event unfolds!

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