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Kirra’s answer to Woodstock, “Surfstock”

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Gavin Doniger is a singer/songwriter from Kirra. A notable figure in the music scene,He has performed in over 15 countries around the world and toured extensively up and down the East and West Coasts of Australia. Gavin has recorded albums and played as a solo artist and with his main act Mescalito Blues. Especially known for his unique vocal style characterized by raspy and growling tones, his music, is often described as "Swamp Stompin Blues," captures the essence of his extensive travels and experiences, blending heart-felt lyrics with engaging stories. Doniger's approach to music is deeply rooted in his adventures and the diverse cultures he's encountered, particularly evident in his main project, Mescalito Blues. This project is a collaborative effort, featuring a rotating ensemble of musicians that Doniger meets during his travels, which adds a dynamic and ever-evolving element to his music.

Starting his musical journey in 1998, Doniger quickly made a name for himself with the release of his debut EP "Spav- Jean, Pool, Junkie," and its featured single "Emotions" gained further recognition by being included in the surf film "In the Meantime." His passion for travel and the open road not only fuels his creativity but also enables him to connect with a wide array of artists, enriching his music with a diverse range of influences and sounds.

Through his continuous tours across Australia and internationally, Doniger has managed to build a significant following, captivating audiences with his hypnotic rhythm and stomp. His performances are not just musical acts but immersive experiences that reflect his life's journey, making him a memorable and influential artist in the music industry.

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Blakboi (Tom Avery) is a young man from the Gomeroi peoples of central NSW now living on the Bundjalung Nation around the Byron Bay / Lismore area. His father (Tom Avery) is a renowned Indigenous artist and surfer. His mother (Jennifer Avery) a talented singer/guitarist and full blood Maori from the Taranaki Province of New Zealand.

Blakboi grew up being creative and active, surrounded by family, music and the ocean.


Blakboi enrolled at the Northern Rivers Conservatorium of Arts to expand and compliment his performance and song-writing skills. Blakboi majored in vocals studies and after 2 years left with a Diploma in Contemporary Music. He went on to win a N.C.E.I.A. Dolphin Music Awards for Best Male Vocalist. His music breaks boundaries for singer/songwriters. Folk, rock, reggae, disco, dance, trance, pop and soul. Hip hop, rap, accapella, attack your senses, colours and shapes created for all tastes.


Blakboi has played alongside Dubmarine, Archie Roach, Xavier Rudd, John Butler, Yung Warriors, Busby Marou.


Blakboi  live shows have been described as revolutionary, unpredictable and innovative and his vibe and energy are quick to create mobs of loyal followers.

Tickets $10 available or at the door.

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