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Judging Criteria

Judges will analyse the following major elements when scoring rides. “The Longboard surfer must perform controlled manoeuvres in the critical section of the wave utilising the entire board and wave using traditional longboard surfing. The surfer who performs this to the highest degree of difficulty with the most style, flow and grace will receive the highest score for a ride.


” Further to that above, the following are key elements for the judges to consider. • Nose riding and rail surfing • Critical section of the wave • Variety • Speed and Power • Commitment • Control • Footwork


Logger Criteria: “The Logger surfer must perform a variety of traditional manoeuvres in the critical sections of the wave with continual motion, style and grace. The surfer must display good control of the logger board with emphasis on visual appeal, creativity, style and flow linking all manoeuvres over the entire duration of the ride. The use of clean footwork and nose riding will be important elements in the judges decision making

Heats are 20 minutes Best 2 Waves count. Finals are 20 minutes best 2 Waves

Time has been set aside in the program to help some of our surfing community that need extra help because of disabilities. Surfing will conclude with a fancy dress division. Please advise the commentator as to what your costume is for judging purposes.

Remember the best surfer is the one having the most fun.

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